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Useful Tips to Maintain Your Lawn Beautifully

Everyone dreams of having a garden with an amazing lawn. However, to actually do it requires a lot of commitment and effort. You can also hire someone to help you do it in Balwyn. These are the useful tips to help you maintain a beautiful lawn

The dream of every Aussie that has a garden with a lawn is to keep it amazing. Having an evergreen garden is a task that requires commitment. You have to give regular maintenance to it to keep it as beautiful as when it was first put.


Today we will talk about the basic things that you have to do to maintain it. That way you can take care of your beautiful garden yourself. If you don’t like to get your hands dirty, then you can hire someone that will do the lawn mowing in Balwyn.

  • Scarification and aeration
    One of the main problems that can make your grass die is the lack of oxygen. This can happen because of the compression that we exert when we walk or play on it. Eventually, the soil becomes so compacted that it does not allow the roots to oxygenate. And your green lawn dies.

    To avoid this, you have to use a pitchfork to make holes in the lawn. With that, you will be losing the grass, and air will easily penetrate the soil. Scarification is done by scratching the clumped grass with the pitchfork. Clumped grass avoids that water to enter the soil, but by scratching it, the water will get to the roots easily.
  • Fertilisation
    This will keep your lawn growing beautifully. Remember that any plant in the world needs nutrients. Commonly they find nutrients in the soil and organic material keeps enriching the ground with them. Sometimes grass needs more nutrients than that the soil is naturally providing.

    Here is the part where fertilizer does its magic. You can find special grass in the market. Further, if you want to save yourself from trouble, then a professional can do it. There are lawn care services in Balwyn that offer this service.
  • Cut the grass
    This is something that you need to do to avoid having a disaster in your garden. During the rainy season, you should cut it often. On the other seasons of the year, you can just trim it once a month.

    This can be a hard task to do, and you can always hire someone that will cut it. Some companies provide lawn mowing services in Balwyn; you can hire a reliable one.
  • Get rid of weeds
    Every garden in the world will have bad herbs. This is something common and normal. But if you want to have your garden in a good state, you should get rid of them. You don’t need to have it perfect as on a golf course.

    You can remove the weeds manually and use them as occupational therapy. Just try to do it often to avoid having a lot of work to do. As well, you can use natural herbicides that will help you with this task. Read our another article on “Top Tips for Maintaining your Lawn

What should you do if your grass is yellow?

This is a common problem that people tend to have. You can always hire a lawn maintenance service in Balwyn, and they will help you with it. But regularly this problem is because of:

Lack of irrigation: This is easy to check. The lawn will seem dry. Commonly this will happen during dry seasons. You can fix it by checking your irrigation periods and by doing them more often.

Sickness: This is a hard call to do by yourself. If you already tried with more irrigation, but it doesn’t work, then it should be this. Grass can get a disease for a lot of reasons. The best thing to do for this specific case is to call an expert.

Last thoughts:

Whenever you’re choosing grass, always think of the use that you’re going to give to it. This is key for maintaining it in good condition. If you want your kids and dog playing around all the time, then you’ll need a resistant one. Strong roots will be needed for this case.

Ornamental grass is also a good option. You can choose a delicate one for this purpose and it will work amazing. Also, remember to follow the point we mentioned above to maintain your lawn incredibly.

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