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Beginner guide to electric bikes and scooters

Advances in technology have brought to us some of the surprising and easy ways to transport in Australia. Electric bikes and scooters can be a lifesaver for these short distances. You’ll be spending a nice time outdoors, avoiding traffic, while getting where you need to be. Here is the beginner guide to electric bikes and scooters.

  • Kick Scooter
    A kick scooter is an excellent option to use for moving through the city. The classic version of it is human-powered. You need to make some physical effort to balance and ride, but it’s not hard at all. However, nowadays, electrical kick scooters are available in the market to make your rides smooth and effortless.

    E-kick scooters have a standing deck, handlebars, and regularly, they have two wheels. They can go to a speed between 8-60 mph, which makes them perfect for running errands or going to places that are nearby. Also, three-wheel e-kick scooters are out in the market to give you further stability.

    Two-wheel scooters are better to avoid traffic and move easily in crowded zones. They’re also lighter and more compact. On the other hand, three-wheel ones will give you a nice standing balance. As well, putting a seat on it for more comfort will be simpler.

  • Electric Moped
    Electric mopeds are powered by an electric motor, which will give you a noiseless and easy ride. Mopeds are more comfortable because it has a seat, and you can easily accommodate two people on it. Also, you can travel longer distances with this device. These are the main differences between e-mopeds and e-kick scooters.

    Electric mopeds are considered in some way a motorcycle. Therefore, it’s common that you’ll need a license to ride it on the roads. If you don’t want that trouble, then you should get an electric bike in Australia. It will be slower than the e-moped, but it doesn’t require a license.

    Another good point of e-bikes is that you can use exclusive bicycle lanes and experience nature. You’ll be able to ride into park or forest trails without problem. Also, they have pedals, which means that you can exercise while getting where you need to. If you like getting into dirt roads, then consider buying e-bikes instead of an electric mountain bike.

  • Self-Balancing Scooter
    Self-balancing scooters became really popular years ago. They require practice to be able to use them without falling. But it is not something hard to learn, you can actually master it in a few hours. The main types of scooters under this category are:
    • Unicycles
    • Hoverboards
    • Self-balancing personal transportation

      Unicycles only use one wheel, but that’s enough to ride you through the streets. However, you do need some riding skills to be able to use it. Unlike self-balancing personal transportation, a unicycle doesn’t come with a handle.

      Hoverboards are a great option if you’re looking to have the coolest short ride. Most of them have built-in Bluetooth speakers and lights. Also, their off-road tyres will allow you to use them almost anywhere. If you’re into that, you can also learn some tricks to have fun on your device.

  • Kids Vs. Adults Scooters
    The main difference between kids vs. adults’ scooters is the quality of the materials they’re made from. Adults’ scooters are intended to last longer because they’re used as a type of transport. On the other hand, kids’ scooters are used as a toy to have fun with.

    Therefore, adult scooters have more powerful motors, can hold more weight and have a larger battery. Also, the deck is larger and the stem is taller than in a kid’s scooter. Children’s scooters are less expensive than adults’ ones.

    Always keep in mind that kid’s scooters shouldn’t be used for ridden public roads. It can be dangerous because they’re not made for that.

  • Seated Scooters
    Commonly, scooters don’t come with a seat built-in, but you have the option to attach one to it. Your ride will be more comfortable and you’ll not get tired or have knee or back pain with a seat. The bad news is that when adding a seat to your scooter, it will lose its foldable feature.

    Also, if you need or want a scooter with a seat, then consider other options. An electric moped or an electric bike will be a better option for you. They already have built-in seats and are more comfortable for longer distances.

If you don’t mind losing the folding option of the scooter, then go for it. Put a seat on it and prepare to have a nice and comfy ride.

Electric bikes and scooters are cleaner ways to transport. Eco-friendly transportation doesn’t harm the planet. Additionally, you will have fun and will be able to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors. So, purchase the one that suits you and arrive energetically at any place that you want to go.

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